Divya Yadava is a registered holistic nutritionist in Toronto. Her mission is to make balanced nutrition accessible and achievable, and to inspire her clients to live an active and vibrant life.


Divya’s approach to nutrition is to make it easy, practical and most importantly, something clients can enjoy. She doesn’t believe in rigid diets that are impossible to follow. Her goal is to empower clients to make better food and lifestyle choices every single day that will result in vitality throughout their lives.


Evidence-based recommendations - always based on scientific research
No food guides or pyramids - you'll receive customized advice just for you
Lots of whole foods and minimally processed foods
No short-term quick fixes or fad diets - I focus on gradual, lifelong changes
Quick and easy meals - no need to spend hours in the kitchen
No calorie counting or dieting or rigid rules - you can still enjoy the foods you love
Not sure what holistic nutrition is and how it can help you? Sign up for a complimentary discovery session with Divya to understand what she can help you with. 


“Divya has changed the way I think about food and nutrition. She has tremendously helped me improve my eating habits for which I can’t thank her enough. Healthy eating habits serve you lifelong and this is something I have clearly understood only after meeting Divya.”

– Sneha P., User Experience Designer

She helped me understand that counting calories is not the best way to lose weight, but rather eating wholesome and nutritious food with lots of flavour. I have been able to lose pounds and maintain my weight and I feel very happy, confident and energetic.”

– Veronica A., Engineer

“She goes above & beyond to check-in with you on a periodic basis to see how you’re doing. This makes her very approachable and one can always sense her genuine desire to help you.

– Karl L., Financial Services Professional


Holistic nutrition is not just limited to nutrition.  I take a “holistic approach” in the sense that my recommendations include diet, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations such as exercise and stress management.


Eating a healthy diet, but leading a stressful life won’t help you. Neither will working out all the time, but not eating healthy foods. It’s all about a balance of diet, exercise and stress management.